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Powered By Tungsten
Tungsten is a rare and expensive metal with a natural ability to absorb vibration. Tungsten is used in a wide variety of applications from rivet guns to aircraft wings - and now in your music system.

From the moment you pick it up, you know you’re holding something out of the ordinary by the sheer weight that defies belief.

In creating what we believe are the best range of premium vibration isolation products. We choose tungsten because we wanted the best for sound possible for you and your system.

Particle Impact Dampening
Our patented design leverages a phenomenon called particle impact dampening. Unlike other approaches, its effective over a broad range of frequencies transforming vibration energy into heat through friction and collision between particles.

The central stainless steel chamber is filled with a carefully calibrated grade of tungsten powder, selected for the best performance with a wide variety of music tastes.

The effects of particle dampening increases as your Tungsten Grooves vibration isolation feet warm up, typically 5 to 10 minutes. Tungsten itself becomes a better conductor of vibration.

There is no other product out there on the market that we know of that does this.